Customer Information: 

***When using Paypal and you are not a "Verified Account" there is a 3 day wait period after payment has cleared. This is due to some orders being paid with a fraud account.

All payments are made through Paypal invoices.  We will send you the invoice and once you make payment you will need to allow around 18 BUSINESS DAYS to have item in hand once payment clears the account.  Business days are Monday through Friday. 

Items are  MADE TO ORDER.  This means that items are made as the order comes in, items are not stocked. Payments are processed to make sure funds are good before order process proceeds.  

No Returns or Exchanges on Custom Mats.

Please allow 18 Business days to receive item after payment is cleared.  ( Business days are Monday - Friday )

Materials used for Letters:

  • Mirror Letters are made from LEXAN, not a glass mirror. These letters need to be cleaned with a PLASTIC cleaner that is safe on LEXAN and PLEXI glass.
  • Colored Letters are made from Lexan. These letters need to be cleaned with a PLASTIC cleaner that is safe on Plexi glass.
  • Cancel of orders:

  • Need to contact us within 72 hours from the date order is placed. 



  • In order to return an item for refund, you must contact Grand Design. If you need to call please email us for the contact phone number. This needs to be done within 72 hours ( 7 days) after receiving the item in order to get information on sending the item back.  If there is a problem with the item due to workmanship, you may return the item for an exact change or your money back on standard designs. ( not custom designs, only exact change )
  • Item must be sent back in original box. 
  • The item must not have been installed nor attempted to be installed.
  • If Item was damaged during shipping, buyer is responsible for the return shipping cost. Grand Design will replace item with exact design or refund once item is received by Grand Design.

(There is NO REFUND or Exchange on custom designs, designs that are painted to match or change of thread color for a design.)

Install notes.

The deck lid mats( trunk lid mats) are held in place by plastic retaining clips. These clips are pretty much a one time use item. 


Limited Warranty:

 These handcrafted deck lid Mats are warranted For 120-days against defects in workmanship or materials. If during this time please contact us so we can arrange shipping back to us. If the item has been modified or changes made during the 120 day period then the workmanship warranty is voided.

If after the 120 day period has expired then buyer will be pay shipping back to Grand Design Mat and then the return shipping also.  We will work with you on the repair cost if any cost at all. We have items that have been made since 1997 and no issues but it happens. When items need to be reworked it is better to send the item back to us to fix the issue. If you attempt to repair yourself and damage the mat even more then we may not be able to help on the repair.


Note: This deck lid may contain materials that are not flame resistant. Please keep away from open flames or electrical sources in your vehicle that could cause a spark or flame. The manufacture and websites that sell this item are not responsible for any Injury or damage that may result from improper use or improper Mounting of this product to neither car nor person(s).


Can These Products Affect Your Vehicle Warranty

I have been asked if the items we make affect the manufacturer warranty. The answer is yes or no. The dealership cannot void your warranty simply because you have made modifications to your vehicle. It is the dealerships’ responsibility to prove that your modification caused or affected the failure. Some dealerships are more willing to work with customers than others. It would be our suggestion to ask your local dealership regarding their warranty policies.

If you have other questions, consult with the car manufacturer.

This site is in no way affiliated with Dodge, Pontiac, Oldsmobile, Chevrolet, General Motors (GM), Ford,  or any other automotive maker. All images and content are copyrighted by their respective owners. The owner or anyone affiliated with this site is not liable for any injury to person(s) nor damage that may result from improper use or improper  installation  of this item.